Contact Tony today if you woud like a free tour of Parliament

Our vision is to provide accessible, sustainable and meaningful education as well as provide the public with a memorable experience when visiting Parliament House. Contact the Light Electorate Office today for information on how to organise a tour.

The sittings of both Houses are open to members of the public and visitors are welcome.

When Parliament is not sitting, a guided tour is available at 10am and 2pm on week days.

All visits are free.

The Parliament of South Australia, the South Australian government and the Department of Education and Children's Services have a strong commitment to civics and citizenship education. They are keen to support students in their understanding of how participation and decision-making processes operate in contemporary Australia; for students to be informed about public issues and understand how our system of government works in practice and how it affects citizens; to provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and understanding of the origins and nature of Australia's democratic processes, government, judicial system and the nation's place in the international community

The Education Officer of Parliament House

The Education Officer is employed by the Department of Education and Children's Services and provides access for the education sector to the resources of Parliament House through; designing and delivering professional development programs for teachers; Producing teaching and learning resources in line with education priorities and curriculum frameworks; Organising education activities and events for schools for use at Parliament House and in schools; Managing student visits to the Parliament House galleries.

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