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Reg's French Honour

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Jul 21, 2017
Reg's French Honour

Willaston World War Two Veteran, William ‘Reg’ Archer was awarded the Legion of Honour Medal at a special ceremony held during the week at the Gawler RSL.

The medal was formally presented to the former RAF bombardier, by Wing Commander Michael Reidy, Commanding Officer of the RAAF 462 Squadron at Edinburgh, for services to the French nation during World War II.

Local Member Mr Tony Piccolo said it was a great honour to assist the veteran with the process of obtaining the medal, who was born in Rugby, England on 8 June 1925.

“As the medal is awarded by the French Republic and Reg was serving in the Royal Air Force, my office had to liaise with the French Embassy in Canberra and the Ministry of Defence in the UK,” Mr Piccolo said.

“We were so pleased when we were notified that the request had been approved, and Reg would be awarded the French decoration of “Chevalier dans l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur,” he said.

In a letter to Mr Archer confirming the award, the Deputy Head of Mission at the French Embassy in Australia, Ms Julie Duhaut-Bedos said, “I am delighted with this decision which recognises your outstanding services during the Second World War”.

“This is France’s way to express our gratitude toward those who risked their lives for the Liberation of France,” Ms Duhaut-Bedos said.

Mr Archer received his medal at a special Gawler RSL Ceremony attended by family, friends and number of returned service men including 101 year old, Sid Ey, 93 year old, Doug Dunbar and relative youngster, 91 year old Ron Norman amongst many others.

Mr Archer was only 18 years old when he joined the RAF on 24 January 1943 at Arc Street, Johns Woos in London.

Mr Archer was crewmember on a number of flights over France as part of Squadron 227 Bomber Command, 5 Group, and retired in 1947 with the rank of Flight Sergeant.

Mr Archer said he was proud to support the liberation of France.

Mr Archer was accompanied to the award ceremony by his partner Enid and close friend Ms Kay Koch.


Let's Celebrate Constitution Day

More can and should be done to promote and celebrate our Constitution Day, according to local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo.

Mr Piccolo said Constitution Day was effectively the day the Australian colonies were presented with Australia’s “birth certificate”.

“On 9 July 1900, Queen Victoria signed into law the Commonwealth of Australia Act (UK) and the Federation of Australia was created,” Mr Piccolo said.

“This act of the UK parliament gave effect to the Australian Constitution on 1 January 1901, uniting the Australian colonies.

“It is unfortunate that most Australians are not aware of the significance of the day nor the process or the journey the Australian colonies undertook to federate our continent into one nation.

“Previously each colony had its own defence force, customs control and different rail gauges.

“Federation brought us together, laying the foundation for modern Australia,” he said.

In an endeavour to increase the awareness of Constitution Day, Mr. Piccolo held a special seminar at Parliament House on Friday (July 7) for a group of year 11 legal studies students from Xavier College.

The students celebrated the day with a tour of the South Australian Parliament and talks from Associate Professor Hayden Manning, the Chief Justice of the South Australian Supreme Court, His Honour Chris Kourakis, and the Deputy Premier and Attorney-General, the Hon John Rau MP.

Mr Piccolo said that the three speakers provided the students with the opportunity to hear about the three arms of government, from people who actively participate in the different areas.

“The conversations I had with a few of the students over lunch really showed a deep desire for a greater understanding of our democratic system of government,” Mr Piccolo said.

“I see Constitution Day being a unifier of the Australian people, not just for those who were here at the turn of the century, but for all Australians, whether they came here 40,000 years ago, or more recently, and regardless of their country or origin,” he said. 


NDIS Rolls Out Through Light Electorate

Adults started entering the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in South Australia from Saturday 1 July 2017.  

Expressions of Interest Called For Gawler Rail Line Electrification Project

The electrification of the Gawler Rail Line moved a significant step closer this morning when the State Government announced the calling for expressions of interest in Stage 1 of the transformation of the train line.

Expressions of interest close on 1 August 2017 with shortlisted companies invited to tender for the project.

Early works on the Stage 1 electrification will begin by the end of the year with major construction works to start early in 2018.

The Gawler rail electrification works will include:
- Installation of the overhead wiring system including masts and gantries
- Installation of a new signalling system
- Installation of an Automatic Train Protection system
- Installation of a new fibre optic communications system cable
- Service relocations, vegetation trimming and removal and other works necessary to enable the electrification to proceed

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo who attended the announcement calling for Expressions of Interest said the $152.5 million first stage is being wholly funded by the State Government.

“The State Government is also seeking a commitment from the Federal Turnbull Government to split the cost of completing the electrification to Gawler,” Mr Piccolo said.

“The project has been identified as a high priority by Infrastructure Australia.

“The State Government allocated its share of the $462.5 million for Stage 2 in the recent State Budget.

“The project will recommence after it stalled following the withdrawal of $76 million of federal funding in October 2013 by the Liberal Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss,” he said.

It was a sad day both for the State and Gawler when previous Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott publicly said on 4 April 2013:

“Now the Commonwealth Government has a long history of funding roads. We have no history of funding urban rail and I think it’s important that we stick to our knitting, and the Commonwealth’s knitting when it comes to funding infrastructure is roads.”

Mr Piccolo said that it is regrettable that the Turnbull Liberal government has maintained its opposition to funding public transport projects.

During last year’s Election campaign the Federal Labor Party committed funding towards this important project.

Infrastructure Australia has identified the Gawler Electrification as a high priority initiative, with the first business case submitted in 2008.

Significant works have already been undertaken by the State Government, including the installation of nearly 300 masts and rail track modification works necessary for electrification.

The Gawler line is our most popular train service with patronage increasing by more than 30%.

Mr Piccolo said on average almost 17,000 passengers use Gawler services each weekday and completing the electrification of the entire line will significantly increase capacity, allowing an extra 2400 passengers an hour to use the train in peak periods.

“Stage 2 of the project from Salisbury to Gawler is ready to proceed and just needs a funding commitment from the Federal Government to give it the green light,” Mr Piccolo said.

“Even with the tender process opening today, a funding commit by the Federal Coalition would allow us to expand the tender to deliver the entire project from Adelaide to Gawler,” he said.


Medal Winner Alex Makes The Right Decisions

Angaston A Grade footballer Alex Brackstone has won the 2017 Motor Accident Commission (MAC) Road Safety Round Medal in the BLG League.  

An Advocate for South Australian Small Businesses

Small businesses in Light and across South Australia have a strong friend in the Industry Advocate.  

New Rego Rules Are A ‘Classic' Say Local Car Club Members

New rules that simplify the conditional registration scheme for historic vehicles came into effect, 1 July 2017.

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo who has advocated on behalf of local historic car enthusiasts, said the simplified rules will make the lives of owners of the 15,000 vehicles registered under the 90 day limited use scheme much easier.

Mr Piccolo said since announcing plans to change conditional registration last year, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response from the South Australian motoring community.

“Changing this scheme will help to preserve South Australia’s motoring heritage by reducing costs and red tape for car enthusiasts,” Mr Piccolo said.

“Many of these vehicles haven’t been registered and driven, and have sat in sheds and garages because minor modifications meant they were not eligible for cheaper conditional registration which allows a vehicle to be driven up to 90 days a year.”

“ Club registration offers a low cost registration scheme allowing owners of classic cars to drive on the roads for up to 90 days a year. “

“As most of these vehicles are prized collector items with huge value to the owner, they are usually driven on weekends and at infrequent times throughout the year.”

To fully register a 6-cylinder vehicle in South Australia the cost can be up to $846 while the Club Registration scheme offers 90 days use for eligible vehicles for $90 per year.

The changes will remove red tape from the existing scheme designed to:

  • Provide flexibility to allow owners to improve the ride, handling and safety of these classic vehicles, as well as make cosmetic enhancements
  • Move away from a fixed cut-off manufacture date of 1979 to a rolling 30-year vehicle age
  • Remove bureaucratic requirements for motoring clubs to undertake vehicle inspections, reducing the administrative burden on these groups
  • Reduce limitations which ban left-hand drive vehicles with safety improvements such updated braking systems

This is yet another example of the State Labor Government’s commitment to reducing red tape as part of the Simplify Day reforms.

Mr Piccolo said one of the largest car clubs accessing the scheme is the Light’s own Gawler Veteran Vintage & Classic Vehicle Club with over 500 cars currently registered under Club Registration.

“Since consultation early this year I have worked closely with the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and provided encouragement for the common sense changes scheduled for action from 1 July 2017.”

Transport and Infrastructure, Hon Minister Stephen Mullighan MP said thesecommon sense changes mean that car enthusiasts can make modifications to their vehicles, such as cosmetic and safety improvements, without forcing them off the road and into the garage.

“Thousands of previously unused vehicles are also now expected to join the scheme which will also support tourism events such as car runs, shows and concourse displays,” said Mr Mulligan.

“It has been a pleasure to work with car clubs and vehicle enthusiasts to develop these changes,” he said.

Gawler Veteran Vintage & Classic Vehicle Club Registrar Mr Peter Tooth said the Gawler Veteran Vintage & Classic Vehicle Clubs members and committee are very excited to see these changes to Club Registration.

“We hope the increased flexibility of the scheme will boost our membership base and increase our membership to a broader range of enthusiasts, particularly to owners of modified cars and younger classic cars from the 1980’s.”

“The changes will result in more classic cars to head back out on the road more regularly,” said Mr Tooth.

“Currently, members’ cars who do not qualify for club registration either elect to not register, and just store their cars, or only register for 3 months at a time and store for the rest of the year.”

“The changes also bring simplified procedures for our club, with over 500 cars registered under the scheme; this is pleasing news to our hard working committee.”

“We expect an even increased turn out to the annual Gawler Swap Meet this September and believe the recent changes will attract more vehicles to also attend and form a display for the Gawler Community,” said Mr Tooth.


10 Years Suggests A Healthy Future

The Gawler Health Service 24 hour Accident and Emergency service and after hours, GP clinic provided by GP Inc recently celebrated its tenth birthday. 

Men's Essentials Delivery

The “Socks, Jocks & More” program has already been an outstanding success due to the generosity of local people from across the region.

Last week a big box full of men’s dignity items was delivered to Gawler UCare who act as the distribution point for the program.

Local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo launched the ‘Socks, Jocks and More’ program during Men’s Health Week at an event hosted by the Northern Men’s Wellbeing Network at the Playford Uniting Church in Munno Para.

The project is designed to provide local homeless men and boys with basic ‘dignity items’.

Mr Piccolo stated that he developed the idea from the successful ‘Essentials for Women’ project, which his Electorate office supports.

“The Essentials for Women project has enabled the community to support women who are homeless or are unable to purchase basic items due to their circumstances,” Mr Piccolo said.

“Every human being, irrespective of who they are, should have access to basic items to assist with personal health and wellbeing.”

“It is sad that we have men and boys in our communities who, for whatever reason, end up homeless and often unable to access basic items like clean socks and jocks, toothpaste, soap and the like.”

“Since the Socks, Jocks and More program was launched, my office has been inundated with donations from generous locals.”

“I was pleased to deliver the first box goods to UCare on Thursday, 29 June, less than two weeks after the launch of the program.”

“UCARE Gawler have kindly agreed to be a distribution point for the items.”

“Churches and other community organisations have also become collection and distribution points as the project develops,” he said.

Donations for both the ‘Socks, Jocks and More’ and ‘Essentials for Women’ programs are accepted at Mr Piccolo’s Electorate Office all year round.



Grant To Boost Barossa Businesses

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Jul 03, 2017
Grant To Boost Barossa Businesses

At the formal announcement of the Barossa Collaboration Project with Tony Piccolo MP were (from left rear) Chris Pfeiffer (Tourism Barossa Inc); James March (Barossa Grape & Wine Inc); Michael Wohlstadt (Barossa Foods Inc) , Craig Grocke (Barossa RDA); Mayor Bill O’Brien (LRC), Mayor Bob Sloane (Barossa Council) and Project Chair, Ms Jan Angas.





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