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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • May 14, 2020

Local MP Tony Piccolo “waving appreciation” to local volunteers.


The local community is being urged to wave their appreciation to a volunteer in their neighbourhood during National Volunteer Week, which commences this coming Sunday.

With many volunteer-based events postponed or cancelled, communities are being encouraged to find new ways to thank volunteers through the use of social media or other ways that comply with social distancing rules.

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo said there is no doubt that volunteers form the backbone of so many of our local organisations, so we should take any opportunity we get to celebrate their contributions to our community.

“However, tragically, the restrictions imposed to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic have meant that many of these local organisations that utilise or rely on volunteers have been significantly negatively impacted by the outbreak,” said Mr Piccolo.

“While many volunteers are unable to provide their services to organisations, you can help recognise them by posing with a smiley face drawn on your hand to wave to our volunteers using the hashtags #NWW2020 and #waveforvolunteers.”

“You can also nominate to our office any volunteers you wish to be recognised for their efforts, who we will reward with a post on our social media, an appreciation certificate and window display.

Local service club, Gawler Apex, like other service clubs has felt the full brunt of the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, with most of their activity unable to go ahead.

Apex’s community work varies from fundraising for local causes, catering, assisting in home renovations and rubbish collections amongst many others. Fundraising is critical to coveting the cost of these services.

“Much of the fundraising has stopped… most of the fundraising we do carries the club,” said Club Secretary Mr Leon Budden.

However, Mr Budden was optimistic for the future, stating that “the hope is (for the organisation) to return to usual” once restrictions are lifted.

“Not all activity has ceased, however, with a building effort taking place in the coming weeks to adapt a local park to accommodate a young girl with a disability.

The Rotary Club of Gawler Light has managed to continue to meet via Zoom, but unfortunately many of their projects have been put on hold.

“Around three quarters of the club are involved in the Zoom meetings, which has been a relative success [and] we can still do administrative stuff,” Club Secretary David Cockshell said.

“(However), COVID-19 has virtually stalled any projects we had in terms of physical activity.”

One of the many activities unable to take place under current restrictions is the Club’s Wheels in Motion project, which aims to help young people obtain their Learner’s Permit.

“We’d anticipate going back to the way we were (when restrictions are lifted),” Mr Cockshell said.

Mr Piccolo said the absence of activity has emphasised the immense importance of volunteers to those running these organisations, even more so than was already known.

Another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic is the popular Sunday Gawler Railway Station market which plans to return once the restrictions are lifted.

The market is a major fundraiser for the Lions Club, which invests in a range of community projects.



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