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All Aboard, Drenched or Burnt

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Dec 18, 2019
All Aboard, Drenched or Burnt


Train commuters who need to use the disability ramp to board trains at the Tambelin Railway Station at Evanston Gardens, are being left in the cold because of the lack of shelter.


To enable train drivers to provide ramp support to people requiring it, train stations have designated areas on platforms where they can board trains with assistance.


While some designated areas are located within or near a sheltered area, the Tambelin Railway Station shelter is not close by, forcing people to stand in the rain or heat.


Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo recently raised the matter in State Parliament in response to a Marshall Liberal Government claim that the transport needs of people living with a disability had been fixed up.


Mr Piccolo said while he acknowledged at that access to services for people living with a disability was improving, to assert, as the government has done to, that it is “mission accomplished” just demonstrates how out of touch they have become.


“Forcing people to stand in the rain or heat to board their local train doesn’t suggest to me that we have done enough to provide all train users with some fairness and dignity,” said Mr Piccolo.


“I raised a number of issues with the Transport Department some time ago, regarding improved access to public transport services, and while some have been addressed, a number remain outstanding.


“To leave people at the mercy of the weather is just unfair.”


“It just doesn’t affect people living with a disability, anybody requiring some assistance to board, is in the same boat.”


Mr Piccolo said the matter was brought to his attention by local Evanston Gardens’ resident, Mr Mark Payne.


“Mark needs to user a gopher as he has restricted mobility, and when he needs to travel to the Gawler Town centre, he needs to brave the elements on the station platform just to board the train.”


“Simple mobility and travelling are major tasks for Mark because of his disabilities, so the least we do as a society is to reduce the barriers.”



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