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Arts Expo Proposed for Gawler for SALA 2020

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Oct 29, 2019
Arts Expo Proposed for Gawler for SALA 2020

Some of the artists at the forum on Sunday

Local creative arts groups in the Gawler area are proposing to hold an arts expo during the 2020 SALA festival.


At a forum convened by local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, the various community arts groups, schools and artists discussed how they could lift the profile of arts in the local area.


Mr Piccolo convened the forum at the request of local artists, and community arts group who were seeking advice on how presence of the arts could be improved in the greater Gawler area.


Mr Piccolo said the creative arts can make an important contribution to the wellbeing of people in the community.


“The arts can provide a lot of joy and help with people’s wellbeing,” said Mr Piccolo.


Mr Piccolo said that in some communities the arts make a significant contribution to the economic development of those communities.


“Arts have a strong potential to increase tourism to the area,” said Mr Piccolo.


“An Expo can showcase the great artistic talent we have in the greater Gawler area, and more important, encourage young artists to take up art as a career of choice.


“We have some really talented young artists in our community, and we need to encourage their passion by showcasing their work.


Mr Piccolo said the Expo would have two elements: an exhibition of the various arts, and live demonstrations and classes of artists at work.


“My electorate office has offered to assist the event, and I will chair a meeting of a working group prior to Christmas.”


Mr Piccolo stressed that the Expo would adopt a very broad definition of creative arts, including many fabric and multi-media based endeavours.


Mr Piccolo said if any member of the community or any creative arts group would like to make a contribution to, or obtain more information about the Expo, they should contact his office on 85 222878 or send an email to


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