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Celebrating the Work of our Service Clubs

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Oct 29, 2019
Celebrating the Work of our Service Clubs

Tony Piccolo MP (centre) with some of the volunteers who attended the special service club forum



A special forum, convened by local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo was held last Wednesday to celebrate Service Club Week 2019.


Mr Piccolo said the week is about acknowledging and celebrating the work undertaken by service clubs in our communities.


“The week gives us the opportunity to thank all the volunteers who do a great deal of work in our community, through their involvement with a service club,” said Mr Piccolo.


“Service clubs do a great deal of work to improve community wellbeing from supporting breakfast clubs at local schools, to improving the environment through tree planting, to installing street furniture and a lot more.


Mr Piccolo said service clubs are not just about hard work as they create opportunities for volunteers with the opportunity to form new friendships and connect to other people in the community.


“Being a member of a service club creates a sense of belonging and purpose,” Mr Piccolo said.


“In an increasingly complex and fast world, service clubs can provide a haven for people who wish to belong to and serve their community.


Service Clubs spend time raising funds for important local and international projects.


Service club members are regularly seen at various community events providing a service to the community and raising funds to support the building of local infrastructure and service provision.


The Gawler Light Rotary Club run the Wheels In Motion program designed to help young people achieve their hours so they can obtain their P’s.


The Gawler Rotary Club help organise the annual Village Fair which provides local charities with an opportunity to promote their work and raise funds for local projects.


The Kiwanis run the terrific kids program through local schools while Zonta undertake activities to make the community aware of the impact of domestic violence on our communities.


The Lions Club of Gawler run the weekly market at the Gawler station which not only raises funds for local projects but creates a sense of community.


The week which ended on Sunday, also lifts the profile of service clubs and helps with their endeavours to recruit new members.


Mr Piccolo said his electorate office maintains an updated contact list of local service clubs which can be made available to interested members of the community.



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