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CFS Volunteers in Bumpy Ride to Emergencies

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Sep 02, 2019
CFS Volunteers in Bumpy Ride to Emergencies

Local MP Tony Piccolo with Dalkeith CFS Brigade Lieutenant Mr Ben Billing at the problem rail crossing on Dalkeith Road


The State Liberal Government has been called on to upgrade the rail crossing on Dalkeith Road, Kudla to improve road safety.


Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo said that at a recent visit to his local Dalkeith CFS Brigade, some of the volunteers mentioned to him that the rail crossing at Dalkeith Road (Kudla) is in very poor condition causing considerable discomfort to CFS volunteers who need to drive their appliances across it.


Mr Piccolo recently inspected the crossing with local CFS volunteers and noticed most road users of the crossing are having to slow down way below the speed limit to traverse it safely.


“The crossing is very corrugated and causing considerable discomfort to CFS volunteers who need to drive across the crossing at faster speeds when attending an emergency,” said Mr Piccolo.


“It is quite a safety hazard for smaller vehicles.”


Mr Piccolo said the recent installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Main North and Dalkeith Roads has significantly increased vehicle traffic along Dalkeith Road.


“With Curtis Road really congested at peak times, people are using Dalkeith Road as an alternative route, which makes the need for repairs at this crossing more critical,” said Mr Piccolo.


Mr Piccolo has written to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure asking him to direct his department undertake repairs as soon as practical for the safety of volunteers and the community at large.


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