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Disability Hopes Dashed

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Dec 07, 2018

Hopes for a better future for people living with disability have declined as the Federal Liberal Government turns the National Disability Insurance Scheme into a political plaything, according to local Member of Parliament Mr Tony Piccolo.

Speaking to his motion in State Parliament to acknowledge the International Day of People with Disability Mr Piccolo said, “two decisions that have been made over the last few years by the federal Liberal government I think are quite disconcerting.”

“First of all, they said that they would need the Medicare levy to be increased to provide funding and then, as part of their tax rhetoric and to give them the excuse to be able to cut taxes for corporates, they reduced the Medicare levy,” said Mr Piccolo. They then withdrew that levy because there was enough money in the scheme to do so.

“There was enough money in the scheme to do that, but it is interesting that almost every week, without fail, my office gets complaints about the slow rollout of plans and the slow rollout of funding to people living with disability.”

“These are people who have actually had their plans approved and who are waiting months, if not years, due to lack of funding for services to be delivered, or they are waiting to have their plans approved and there are enormous delays.

“The second decision that has been made is the recent one where they took $3.9 billion from the National Disability Insurance Scheme to fund the Drought Aid program.”

“I have no argument with the drought aid to farmers, as it is very important to do that and I have spoken to people who are affected by the drought.

“They tried to play one vulnerable group against another, and this is what they have done again on this occasion—this time, the vulnerable group is the farmers, who are under drought pressure—and they took money away from the National Disability Insurance Scheme to do that.

Mr Piccolo’s motion called on the “Liberal-National federal government to ensure that the NDIS is properly funded so it can improve the quality of the lives of people living with disability”.

Mr Piccolo said to his utter dismay this part of the motion was deleted by the State Marshall Liberal Government, as sadly it appears the State Liberals are too busy cosying up to the Federal Government than standing up for people living with disability in this state.


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