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Electrification Project Shocker Could De-Rail Gawler's Future

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Oct 09, 2018
Electrification Project Shocker Could De-Rail Gawler's Future


Local MP Tony Piccolo concerned about the lack of foresight shown by the Marshall Liberal Government in the rail electrification project.

Local Member for State Parliament has described as ‘scandalous’ that the Gawler Central end of the Gawler Electrification project could be dug up within a few years of it being built, if the Concordia development goes ahead.

Mr Piccolo said the Marshall Liberal Government is not planning to lower the rail line during the electrification project and therefore wont separate Murray Street and the train line crossing.

Mr Piccolo said he was shocked when told the electrified line would have to be dug up, if Concordia went ahead.

“I can’t believe that the Marshall Liberal Government is prepared to waste millions of dollars digging up and re-laying a brand new line within a few years,” Mr Piccolo said.

“It is just scandalous.

“For 16 years the Liberals called on the previous State Government to re-open the Barossa line and in one of their first decisions, they are killing that option off.

“Putting aside for one moment the sheer hypocrisy, the lack of foresight means the proper redevelopment of the Gawler Central Railway Station precinct is again delayed.

“It appears the Marshall Liberal Government’s special relationship with the Morrison Federal Liberal Government does not extend to good planning.

“Not only is it a wasted opportunity, but also a sheer waste of money.

“The Marshall Liberal Government has a golden opportunity to get this right, and they are going to blow it.

“Unfortunately the southern suburbs got the one way expressway under the former State Liberal Government and we will get a train line which will be required to be dug up, probably within the warranty period.

“If the line is not lowered and extended to Concordia at the existing grade, it will result in traffic chaos in the town every day!

“It is such a short sighted decision.”

Mr Piccolo said that he will raise the matter with his federal colleague, Nick Champion MHR to see if it is possible for an incoming Labor Federal Government to right this wrong, if they are elected next year.

“This is such a poor decision, which could derail the proper development of that end of the Town,” Mr Piccolo said.

On another note, Mr Piccolo said he has been unable to confirm whether the historic canopy will be re-erected at the Gawler Railway historic precinct as part of the electrification project, as originally planned by the previous State Labor Government.

“It appears the Marshall Liberal Government’s special relationship with the Morrison Federal Government is more hype than substance,” Mr Piccolo said.


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