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Federal Liberal Budget Lacks Compassion Says Piccolo

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Apr 09, 2019


Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, has described the proposed Federal Liberal budget as lacking heart, as it provides little for people in the community who are doing it tough.


“The Federal Liberal budget has focussed on a cash splash designed to buy votes for the forthcoming election, while it leaves a trail of pain and suffering in its path,” Mr Piccolo said.


“For over five years the Abbot/Turnbull/Morrison Governments have cruelly underfunded aged care and disability assistance schemes, causing a great deal of distress for those needing support and their families.


“For the Federal Liberal Government to splash limited funding, at the 11th hour, for these critical services shows how uncaring this government is.


“While the additional funding is welcome, it should have happened years ago.


“My office has received numerous complaints from families of elderly people, or people living with disabilities, who have to wait months and sometimes years for funding for care plans.


“If we can give big corporations tax cuts of up $64 billion, we can afford to support those most in need.”


Mr Piccolo also emphasised that he was concerned about the growing “Americanisation” of our public policy, where only the wealthy will be able to live in dignity.


“This budget is full of dog whistling, disguised as taxpayers needing tax relief,” Mr Piccolo said.


“Under the Morrison Government’s Budget, low income earners don’t receive as much tax relief as higher income earners.


“In addition, when the Prime Minister talks about handing tax cuts to ‘enterprising Australians’, what he is saying is that if you are ill, aged, have a disability or are unemployed, you are not entitled to have an income that enables you to live in dignity.


“Effectively, Prime Minister Morrison is saying these people are a burden on hard working Australians.


“This is the worst type of dog whistling and evidence of the growing Americanisation of our public policy.


“It is quite disgraceful.


“At our core Australians are a compassionate and caring people and believe in a fair go for all.”


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