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Flinders Boosts Local University Options

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Dec 18, 2019
Flinders Boosts Local University Options


Local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo discussing the announcement by Flinders University with Mark Oliphant and Gawler and District Colleges Principals, Kym Grant and Angie Michaels


High school leavers and mature aged residents in Gawler and Adelaide’s northern suburbs seeking to study at university have had their opportunities boosted by Flinders offering its Foundation Studies program close to home for the first time.

In collaboration with the City of Playford, Flinders is delivering its Foundation Studies program at the Stretton Centre in Munno Para from semester 1 2020 (March entry) and semester 2 (July).

Those completing the semester-long course will be eligible to apply for a wide range of Flinders University undergraduate courses.

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo is very happy with the announcement as he had been working with local high schools and the universities to bring a university to the local area for about two years.

Mr Piccolo said that a discussion he had with Mark Oliphant College (MOC) Principal, Mr Kym Grant, early last year had inspired him to lobby for a university to offer some of its courses in the local area to boost the number of young people in Gawler and the Northern Adelaide suburbs undertaking tertiary studies, particularly when many had the aptitude to be successful students.

“Mr Grant expressed his concerns that many students at MOC had the ability to successfully undertake tertiary studies but for a range a reasons, did not do so,” said Mr Piccolo.

“I’m not suggesting that university is the only post-secondary education option, but rather students should have the option to fulfil their full potential.”

Mr Grant said he was delighted that Flinders University have decided to offer their Foundation Studies Program at the Stretton Centre beginning in 2020.

“This will open up a variety of post school options for our Northern Suburb students enabling them to reach their full potential without the barriers of financial and other social issues possibly impeding their future pathways,” said Mr Grant.

Gawler and District College Principal, Ms Angie Michaels, said students from Gawler and District College B-12 will now have another real option for selecting university courses.

“The Foundation program will provide more accessible options for university studies for students living in the Gawler area,” said Ms Michaels.

“We are really excited about the opportunity for our students to have access to the wide range of courses available through this program providing guaranteed entry to a range of Flinders University undergraduate degrees including Arts, Creative Arts, Law and Society and many more interesting courses.


The full suite of Flinders Foundation Studies topics will be delivered on site at the Stretton Centre including:


  • Introduction to University Study through Academic Writing
  • Developing the Skills of Academic Literacy
  • Developing the Skills of Academic Numeracy
  • Flinders University: An Introduction to Different Areas of Study


Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) Professor Clare Pollock says Flinders is creating opportunities for those living north of the CBD to realise their career aspirations through tertiary education.

“Whether a school leaver who didn’t quite achieve the ATAR for their desired course, or someone a little older who perhaps didn’t complete secondary school or who is looking to change their career path, Foundation Studies is the key that opens the door to a degree,” said Professor Pollock.

“Flinders will be increasingly accessible to students across Adelaide, including the northern suburbs, thanks to the soon to be completed $125 million Flinders Rail line, creating a direct 20 minute connection to Flinders from the CBD”

Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty says the council is thrilled to partner in an initiative that aims to boost the number of university graduates in the community.

“We welcome Flinders University to the City of Playford. Having a university presence at the Stretton Centre increases accessibility to further education for people in the North of Adelaide”.

Mr Piccolo says the delivery of the Flinders University Foundation studies program at the Stretton Centre will make a huge difference to the lives of young people seeking to undertake tertiary studies.

“The accessibility of the programs in the local area could make difference between some young people studying at university or not.”

“The program also gives adults who missed out the first time a second chance to undertake university studies, which can only be a good thing.”


For more information or to register, please visit



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