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Funding For Tulloch Road Upgrade Confirmed

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Jan 03, 2018
Funding For Tulloch Road Upgrade Confirmed

Local MP Tony Piccolo discussing traffic management plans with Gawler & District college Principal, Mr Andrew Dickinson


The budget review reference can be accessed at on page 36.

Just days before Christmas Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis handed down the Mid-Year budget review, which confirmed the funding for the Tulloch Road intersection upgrade.

Mr Piccolo said he was excited to read that the funding for Tulloch Road was confirmed in the mid-year budget review.

“The confirmation of funding means that work to upgrade the intersection can occur during 2018,” Mr Piccolo said.

“These traffic lights will significantly ease the traffic burden around the Gawler Green Shopping Centre and improve pedestrian safety.

“The State Government is committed to funding public infrastructure in our region.

“These works will improve the amenity of our community, create much needed jobs and boost productivity, which in turn will promote further economic growth.

“Many traders and employees have said to me that they believe they would see an increase in patronage when the intersection was improved.

“People may be choosing to shop in other locations due to the difficultly in leaving the precinct,” Mr Piccolo said.

Talks have been held between the Gawler & District College, Gawler & District College Children’s Centre, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the Gawler Council to tackle traffic issues along Barnet Road adjacent to the school.

Mr Piccolo stated that with traffic lights being installed at the intersection, the other traffic issues in the locality could be sorted out.

“Of paramount concern is the safety of children attending both the Children’s Centre and the College,” Mr Piccolo said.

“The road closures and realignment will enable the college to consolidate its two land holdings onto one site.

“The aim is to sort out all the traffic issues so that once we have the traffic lights in place, we can help create a safer environment for the children in the area,” he said.


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