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Gawler Council Dumps Park Sale Proposal

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Jul 30, 2018
Gawler Council Dumps Park Sale Proposal

Evanston Gardens residents celebrate their victory to save their local park with Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo.


The Gawler Council has bowed to community pressure and dumped its proposal to sell the Musgrave Street Reserve at Evanston Gardens.

Evanston Gardens residents were strongly opposed to the Council’s proposed sale of their local park for housing development and have waged a strong and very public campaign against the proposal.

Last Tuesday night, the Council resolved to “abandon” the process to sell the reserve.

Residents sought the assistance of their Local Member of Parliament Mr Tony Piccolo, to help them through the process of engaging with the Council and to ensure their voice was heard.

Mr Piccolo said that the decision represented what “people power” could achieve when residents work together for a good outcome.

“The residents not only opposed the sale but were prepared to engage the Council on alternative uses for the reserve, which preserved the open space but also allowed other community based uses,” Mr Piccolo said.

“It is fortunate that the Council backed down on the proposal because the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Stephan Knoll has turned his back on the residents.”

During June Mr Piccolo tabled a 584-strong petition in State Parliament and delivered a speech to the House, which ensured the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Stephan Knoll, was aware of the residents’ views.

Mr Piccolo said under the Local Government Act the Minister for Local Government must approve any decision made by a local council to revoke the community classification of a park or reserve before it can be sold on the open market.

“Through the petition, residents made Parliament aware of Gawler Council’s intention to seek revocation of the Musgrave Street Reserve and were calling on Minister Knoll to refuse to approve the revocation of the community-classified reserve.”

“Sadly, in classic ‘Yes Minister’ style, Minister Knoll said he wouldn’t intervene as he was happy with Council’s consultation process.”

“It wasn’t the consultation process which delivered the good outcome, but rather the passionate and persistent action by local residents.”

“Once again Minister Knoll has outsourced decision making.”

“Residents deserved better than what the Minister dished up too them.”

“His inaction was quite insulting to the hard work residents put in to inform him of their concerns.”


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