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Gawler Residents Take Bin Tax Protest to the Streets

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Sep 02, 2019
Gawler Residents Take Bin Tax Protest to the Streets

Mr Peter and Mrs Ellen Cavanagh of Gawler East (with local MP Tony Piccolo) two local residents who are taking their protest against the Marshall Liberal government “Bin Tax” to the streets

Gawler residents are taking their strong opposition to the Marshal Liberal Government’s bin tax to the streets.


A number of residents are placing “Stop Steven Marshall’s Bin Tax” stickers to their general waste bin to protest at the 40% tax hike.


Local Member of Parliament Mr Tony Piccolo said that residents had asked him what action they could take to protest against the tax hike, and I suggested that they could take their opposition to the street.


“A number of residents have been provided with the stickers to tell the Marshall Liberal Government that they will remember this massive tax hike, right up to the next election,” said Mr Piccolo.


“We can provide more stickers to residents who want them.


Mr Piccolo said local councils increased their rates further this year in response to the Marshall Liberal Government’s decision to increase the bin tax by a whopping 40% in one year.


“The bin tax has added an additional 0.5 – 1.0% increase to this year’s rates bills,” said Mr Piccolo.


In the 2019/2020 Marshall Liberal Government State Budget, the solid waste levy was increased from $100 to $140 per tonne in metropolitan areas.


Mr Piccolo said the increase has been implemented without any consultation with local government.


“Councils had no choice but to pass on the increase to ratepayers or cut services or planned projects,” said Mr Piccolo.


The Marshall Liberal Government will raise nearly $90 million over the 4-year Budget cycle from the solid waste levy.


“This bin tax makes a mockery of the State Government’s propaganda about capping rates,” said Mr Piccolo.


“This increase in the levy has nothing to do with reducing waste. It is just a ruthless grab for taxes to fix up the budget mess the Liberals have created.”



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