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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Jan 14, 2019


Local MP Tony Piccolo with Samara (on the left) and Arrabella inspecting the state of the roads and footpaths in Gawler’s heritage area, “Church Hill”

Two young residents of Gawler Church Hill love the area, but not the roads and footpaths.


Samara Bellchambers (12) and Arrabella Haaren (10), of Finniss Street, Gawler, have both contacted their local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, to seek his advice on how to get the Gawler Council to investigate their concerns.


Mr Piccolo met with both Ms Bellchambers and Ms Haaren onsite to discuss their concerns and said he had also written to the Council outlining their case for improvements to road and footpath surfaces in the area.


In their letter to Mr Piccolo, the Church Hill residents state that, “Finniss Street is a non-smooth road surface, causing it to be challenging for people to walk on or ride on.”


They have also stated that they “find it hard to ride on this road because it is unmaintained (and) when we ride our bikes we end up on Cameron Street as it is the only smooth road next to us, making it easier to ride on.”


Ms Haaren who is a beginner on bikes said she finds it hard to ride on the road and has already injured herself because of the very uneven road surface.


Mr Piccolo said the young residents have stated that the problem with the paths on Finniss Street is that there is no drainage and on a rainy day the road floods and the paths are slippery to walk on, given the amount of small loose pebbles.


Ms Bellchambers also commented that the wall connected to her house on 30 Finniss Street is unsafe as it is on a lean and is very easy to move or push down. They are worried that the wall could fall on their neighbour’s children who play in the street.


“The footpaths are unsuitable for gopher riders who are forced onto the roads which is not ideal from a safety perspective,” Mr Piccolo said.


Mr Piccolo said it was great to see young people take an interest in the state of their communities and be prepared to take action to remedy identified problems.


“I am now waiting on a response from the Town of Gawler before advising the young residents what action they can take next (if any) to rectify these problems”, Mr Piccolo said.


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