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Install Pedestrian Crossings to Improve Safety Says Local MP

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Nov 25, 2019
Install Pedestrian Crossings to Improve Safety Says Local MP


Local MP Tony Piccolo at the 12th/15th Streets location

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, has called on the State Liberal Government to install two pedestrian crossings in Gawler, to improve pedestrian safety and access to local businesses.


Mr Piccolo has called for one pedestrian crossing to be installed along Lyndoch Road, near the Visitor Centre, and the other at the intersection of 12th and 15th streets, Gawler South.


Both roads are under the care and control of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).
Mr Piccolo understands that the two proposed pedestrian crossings form part of the Gawler Council’s walking and cycling strategy.


In a letter to the Minister for Transport, Mr Piccolo states that both roads are major thoroughfares, carrying high volumes of traffic, with Lyndoch Road also catering for heavy vehicles.


Mr Piccolo says that a pedestrian crossing at Lyndoch Road would significantly improve pedestrian safety for those people looking to access the Gawler Visitor Centre, the local Country Office stationery and equipment business, the Exchange Hotel, the weekly produce market, and Pioneer Park.


“A great deal of parking is available just south of Lyndoch Road, along High Street, so a crossing at this point would work well,” Mr Piccolo said.


Mr Piccolo acknowledges that both locations present technical or engineering challenges but could nevertheless be designed and installed at his suggested locations.


“I am not seeking activated pedestrian crossings but rather crossings with pedestrian refuges in the centre,” Mr Piccolo said.


“This would create a safer environment for pedestrians, reduce vehicle speeds, and the associated ramps installed at the crossings would also improve access for those people living with a disability.”


In relation to the 12th and 15th streets intersection, Mr Piccolo has observed that people cross at this point when heading towards the Gawler Railway Station.


“The high number of potential vehicle movements at this location makes it a high-risk crossing spot for pedestrians, when not supported with appropriate road traffic infrastructure,” Mr Piccolo said.



“Combined with poor lighting, it is a recipe for some serious crashes.”


Mr Piccolo said he understood that DPTI have already undertaken some design work for a pedestrian crossing at this location.


His request is that the crossing be installed as soon as possible.


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