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Labor Set to Derail Liberal's Privatisation Plans

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Oct 15, 2019
Labor Set to Derail Liberal's Privatisation Plans


Local MP Tony Piccolo discussing with local residents and train users, Christine and Alan Schupelius, the decision by State Labor to reverse the Liberals train privatisation plans.

Local train users have welcomed the decision by the Opposition, that a future Malinauskas Labor Government will reverse Steven Marshall’s privatisation of Adelaide’s trains and trams, ensuring public transport is back in public hands.


Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo said that train commuters he spoke with this morning at the Gawler Railway Station, overwhelmingly welcomed the decision to reverse the privatisation.


“Local residents are concerned about cuts to train services, increases in fares and a reduction in security on trains, if the trains are privatised”, said Mr Piccolo.


“The experience of privatised train services in Victoria has not been good, with their commuters the most dissatisfied users across the country.”


At the ALP State Convention held on Saturday, Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas, formally announced Labor’s plan to take back the trains and trams.


Mr Piccolo said, if elected at the 2022 state election, a Malinauskas Labor Government will:


• Establish an Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Return of Public Transport Services.


• Instruct the Commission to forensically examine Steven Marshall’s privatisation contracts and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective method of ending or exiting the contracts.


• Return trains and trams to public hands as soon as possible.


Mr Piccolo said, before the election, Steven Marshall promised South Australians that: “we don’t have a privatisation agenda”.


“After the election, Steven Marshall broke his promise and announced plans to privatise Adelaide’s trains and trams,” said Mr Piccolo.


“The evidence from interstate and overseas is clear: whenever public transport is privatised, services are cut, fares go up and maintenance is reduced.


“Returning trains and trams into public hands would ensure South Australian commuters can access a high-quality, affordable service and taxpayers would avoid paying significant subsidies to private operators to boost their profits.


“The Commission of Inquiry will also investigate the feasibility of returning metropolitan bus services into public hands,” added Mr Piccolo.


Mr Piccolo stressed the Independent Commission of Inquiry will consider the most efficient and cost-effective method of ending or exiting any contract for the privatised operation of tram and train services, either by negotiation, with contract provisions, legislative means or any other manner.


“South Australians deserve a high-quality, affordable public transport system which puts people before profit,” added Mr Piccolo.



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