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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Apr 09, 2019


Local MP Tony Piccolo with staff a students from MOC at the official launch of the exhibition recently

Tony Piccolo’s Light Electorate Office (LEO) has now added an art gallery to the many services it provides to the local community.


The ‘LEO Gallery’ is holding its first regular exhibition during April, showcasing the art works of students from Mark Oliphant College (MOC).


Local Member, Mr Tony Piccolo, explained that while the electorate office had been converted into a gallery for the annual SALA festival for the past three years, he decided to extend the program throughout the year.


“The purpose of the LEO Gallery is to give young people in the community an opportunity to exhibit their art works to the general community,” Mr Piccolo said.


“Often student artworks are not seen beyond the school gate, and the LEO gallery will hopefully change that.”


Mr Piccolo said the LEO Gallery is a partnership between his office and the Gawler Community Gallery.


“The members of the Gawler Community Gallery have been wonderful in their support for the project and provide invaluable support for the exhibitions,” Mr Piccolo said.


Local secondary and youth art schools were invited to participate in the program and Mr Piccolo is pleased that three local colleges, an art school and the Gawler Quilting Circle have accepted the invitation to participate.


“We have a full program for the whole year, with an exhibition being held every two months,” Mr Piccolo said.


“MOC is currently exhibiting with the theme ‘My World Around Me’”.


Xavier College will exhibit in June, Gawler and District College during October and the Ann Shannon Art School will exhibit alongside the Gawler Quilting Circle during December.


The regular combined SALA Exhibition will also be held during August.


The current exhibition will run for the whole of April and is open to the public: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, except public holidays.


Mr Piccolo said visits to the Gallery outside normal working hours can be arranged, if required, for local community groups.
“The Gallery name is a ‘work in progress’ and participating schools have been set the challenge to come up with a new name and logo,” explained Mr Piccolo.


“The only criterion is that the name and logo must focus on youth, as the gallery will exhibit works by local young people.”


All enquiries regarding the exhibitions can be directed to Mr Piccolo on 8522 2878, or via email at: Alternatively, interested people can just pop into the Light Electorate Office at 148 Murray Street, Gawler.


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