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Local Young Maths Genius Off To Math Olympics

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Jun 27, 2018
Local Young Maths Genius Off To Math Olympics

At a recent medal presentation at Flinders University are (from Left); Dr Nonna Pesin, Mr Leonid Pesin, Professor John Beynon, Vice President and Executive Dean, College of Science and Engineering, Levi Pesin, Local MP Tony Piccolo, and Assoc Prof Vlad Ejoy.

At just 10-years-of-age, Munno Para resident Levi Pesin is about to embark upon the final round of the International Mathematical Olympiad in July – the first Australian to do so.

This incredible achievement comes on the back of Levi’s rapid educational development and natural aptitude for maths and science learning.

Levi’s University mentor, Assoc. Professor Vlad Ejoy has detailed his student’s remarkable development since early childhood.

“At the age of 2 Levi was introduced to basic arithmetic concepts; at 3 he solved his first linear equation; at 4 Levi was completing secondary school problem-solving tasks; and at 5 simultaneous and quadratic equations. … At 6, he did algebra and a geometry program [designed] for Years 8 and 9, and at 7-years-of -age programs for Years 10 and 11,” Prof Enjoy said.

Levi’s mum, Dr Nonna Pesin is proud of her son’s many international awards, which includes first prize for Year 4 students at an international competition run through the Physics and Techniques Moscow University in 2016.

Local Member of Parliament Tony Piccolo is thoroughly impressed by Levi’s abilities and his passion for his studies.

“Levi is obviously a special talent and I wish him the very best as he heads to Bulgaria for the International Olympiad’s final round,” Mr Piccolo said.

“I’m also happy that he has been given the opportunity - through the Garth Gaudry Maths Mentoring Program scholarship - to pursue tertiary maths study at Flinders University which is both stimulating and will open up many opportunities for Levi in the future.

“I was pleased to play a small role in Levi gaining the State Government scholarship that will help travel overseas.

“In fact, Levi could very well follow in the footsteps of internationally renowned Australian Mathematician, and UCLA Professor, Terence Tao – who graduated with a Master’s Degree from Flinders at 16, and then went on to complete a PhD at Princeton, before becoming the youngest ever full professor at age 24, and the only Australian winner of the prestigious Fields Medal at age 31 in 2006.”

Outside of Levi’s study of maths and science, he also enjoys science fiction and thriller books, poetry, and classical music.

Despite the physical limitations Levi has endured from paraplegia – the result of a family motor vehicle accident when he was aged just 2 – Levi also enjoys being active, swimming and diving, school camps and travelling.

More information about Levi can be found at


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