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Local Youth Ready to Tackle Big Issues in The Region

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Sep 24, 2019
Local Youth Ready to Tackle Big Issues in The Region


Members of the Light Electorate Youth Advisory Panel are (from left) Nakai Bvunzawabaya, Rebekah Harris, Corey Lloyd, Tianna Ranford, Curtis Worden, Mercedes Heydrich, Ethan White, Mwangaza Milunga, Rabani Shukuru, Paige Gauci, Claudetta Niyera, Bridie McDougall, and Gloria Kiwele. (Scott Larsen from St Pats Technical was an apology)

Local young people are set to tackle some big issues in the Light Electorate as part of newly established youth panel.


The Light Electorate Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) meet last week at the invitation of local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo.


Mr Piccolo said he had decided to establish the panel as a means of him engaging more effectively with local young people.


“The panel will give young people an opportunity to voice their opinions on issues important to them, and not only issues which may directly affect them,” said Mr Piccolo.


“The views they express will enable me to gain a better understanding of my community and assist me to make better decisions as a local member of parliament.”


The YAP comprises two students nominated by Xavier, Gawler and District, Trinity, Mark Oliphant, St Columba, St Patrick’s Technical and Northern Adelaide Senior Colleges.


Mr Piccolo said the Colleges are either located within or have students from the Light Electorate attending their schools, and the membership could be expanded if required.


“Northern Adelaide and St Patrick’s Technical Colleges have a regional catchment, so it was important to include them in the YAP,” said Mr Piccolo.


“The YAP will not just be a talkfest and the aim is for the students to work together to get action on issues in the local community.


The next YAP meeting will be held in Parliament House with members learning how to influence the political process if they want to effect change.


At the scheduled November meeting, the YAP is ready to tackle how mental health services for young people could be improved locally and how to build more resilience into young people’s lives.


YAP Member and co-captain of Xavier College, Ethan White said the inaugural Youth Advisory Panel meeting was a huge success.


“It's great to see so many young people from schools in the local community express their own and their peer's opinions about really topical issues that are relevant to the local community, and discuss ways to improve these points of conversation,” said Mr White.


Trinity College Senior student, Nakai Bvunzawabaya said she was grateful that young people have been given an opportunity to have a say about their future.


“Doing YAP will not only help us but allow us to give back into our communities and honestly, that's the best part,” added Ms Bvunzawabaya.


The young people are excited about the opportunity to work with their peers from other schools with Mark Oliphant College student Mwangaza Milunga, stating “being part of a group that share the same vision of engaging the youth in the community is amazing.”.


“The meeting was very successful, and I am very excited to be an active part of the change in the community, said Ms Milunga.


Her comments were echoed by Gawler & District College student, Curtis Worden who said “…the Yap advisory panel meeting was a good learning experience where different schools came together to discuss issues and positive things that are happening in our community."


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