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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Dec 29, 2020

At the “dangerous” intersection are (from left) local business man and residents Mr Neville Linke, Owner of Filmer Delivery, Mr Gary Curtis and Member for Light and Duty Member for Schubert, Mr Tony Piccolo.


Local residents and transport operators have rejected claims by the Marshall Liberal Government that the Greenock, Moppa South and Samuel Roads intersection in Nuriootpa is safe and doesn’t warrant any upgrading.

The Government have refused to consider the possible installation of a roundabout or any other improvements at the “dangerous intersection”.

Member for Light and Duty Member for Schubert Tony Piccolo has been told the intersection, which has seen nine major crashes over the past twelve months including one in recent weeks, has long been criticised by locals who believe it is not safe enough to continue operating in its current state.

Neville Linke, who lives on the intersection, is one such resident who has been fighting for the upgrade and reached out to Tony Piccolo to ask for his help in exploring the issue with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

Mr Linke said the intersection is so tight that there is no margin for error, meaning any crash is ultimately a severe one.

“The intersection is part of the freight vehicle route and B Doubles require more space to turn at the intersection,” he explained.

“I understand the need for a freight vehicle route, but it must be safe for truck drivers and residents who use the intersection to access local schools.”

Mr Linke said the crashes are getting worse as traffic increases at the intersection.

“ This will only worsen with our growing population,” he said.

“I don’t want some poor bugger to be killed before the State Government take action.”

Mr Piccolo said the response that he received from Minister for Infrastructure and Transport the Corey Wingard, seems to ignore or disregard the experience of local people of the intersection.

“Despite Mr Linke’s firsthand advice that there have been 8 major crashes at the intersection in the past twelve months the Minister said the intersection is operating satisfactorily,” he said.

Mr Piccolo said it’s clear that the Greenock Rd and Moppa Rd South/Samuel Rd intersection is causing a lot of problems for drivers and when you’re dealing with road safety, it’s a matter of life and death.

“I’m very disappointed that the Marshall Liberal Government has passed up an opportunity to improve safety at this intersection, as it is quite clear that more needs to be done about it than simply ignoring the issue,” he stressed.

“The people of Nuriootpa deserve better than this; they shouldn’t have to fear for their lives every time they cross this intersection.”

Additional comment can be obtained from the following transport operators:

Nuriootpa Traders: 8562 2323

Kuchels: 8562 2177

Hahn Corp: 8561 2800

Booth Transport: 8563 6600

United GetnGo Nuriootpa: 8565 7808


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