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New Housing To Help Rebuild, Re-Energize, And Renew Munno Para Community

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Mar 13, 2018
New Housing To Help Rebuild, Re-Energize, And Renew Munno Para Community

Local MP welcomes the State Government announcement to rebuild some of the outdated social housing in the Munno para community.


Old and outdated SA Housing Trust homes in Munno Para will be replaced by new ones as part of a re-elected State Labor Government’s plan to expand its Housing Trust renewal program by 600 homes.

The $150 million investment, which will create 500 jobs during the construction period, will result in the rebuilding of old homes that reflect the needs of modern day tenants.

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo who has been strongly lobbying for the replacement of public housing near Munno Para Primary School as they are clearly past their use by date, has welcomed the announcement.

A cluster of public housing properties adjacent to the school are now empty, boarded up and ready for demolition and replacement.

Mr Piccolo said he was hopeful that dilapidated homes like these would be replaced under this extended public housing renewal program.

“Additionally, all new homes under the initiative will be connected to the Government’s Virtual Power Plant, saving the household 30% on their energy bills,” Mr Piccolo said.

“This program will not only assist those in need with better housing but also tackle the problem of inflated power prices because of the lack of effective competition in the retail energy market.

“This program will help rebuild, re-energise and renew the Munno Para community.

“A re-elected Labor Government would also allow first homebuyers to access up to 25% of the value of the property, as an interest free deposit.

“First home owners would not be required to pay back the Government portion of the loan, instead the Government would share in any proceeds once the home was sold or refinanced.

“I strongly believes that every person has a right to have a place called home, so I am very pleased that a re-elected Labor State Government will increase funding to tackle homelessness in our community by an extra $8 million over four years.

“An $8 million grant fund will be established to be accessed by registered social housing providers to assist them transition into appropriate affordable accommodation.

“The funding will not only help people in the greatest need to access affordable housing but also help break the homelessness cycle and help people get back on their feet,” he said.


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