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Piccolo Appointed "Duty Member" For Schubert

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Jul 31, 2018
Piccolo Appointed "Duty Member" For Schubert

People in the state seat of Schubert will have an additional voice with the appointment of the Member for Light, Mr Tony Piccolo, as the “duty member” for the electorate.

The decision to appoint Mr Piccolo was made by the State ALP State Executive recently.

Mr Piccolo said that the role of the “duty member” is to provide local ALP members with support, and to provide an alternative voice for people in the area.

“I am looking forward to working with Labor members and supporters in the electorate to ensure we hold the new Government to account and that the people in the area are aware of alternative views on issues important to them.”

Mr Piccolo said that he was previously the local Member of Parliament for many incurrent Schubert, as the Light electorate previously included the townships and areas of Greenock, Freeling, Roseworthy, Wasleys, Concordia, Kalbeeba, Kingsford, Woolsheds, Pinkerton Plains, Reeves Plains, Mudalla, Gawler Belt and Ward Belt amongst others.

“As you can appreciate some people have been dealing with my office for many years and may wish to continue to do so.”

“Many issues are of a regional nature and don’t stop at the electorate boundaries.”

“I’m particularly keen to support small business as they create employment opportunities for people living in my electorate.”

“While I am not the local Member of Parliament for Schubert, I am available to assist local people and community groups, should they, for whatever reason, prefer to deal with my office.”

“I intend to visit communities within Schubert as time permits, but people are welcome to contact my office if they require advice or assistance on any matter.”

“People should of course, in the first instance, deal with the office of the current member for Schubert, as my office will only have limited resources to deal with matters immediately outside my electorate.”


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