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Power To The People

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Feb 06, 2018
Power To The People

Local residents are invited to register their interest to be one of the 50,000 households that will make up South Australia’s Virtual Power Plant the biggest in the world, and at the same time push power prices down in the state.

Premier Jay Weatherill and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis announced the plan at the Stretton Centre on Sunday morning.

The plan will initially utilise 25,000 Housing SA properties and at least another 25,000 South Australian households.

Local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo who was present at the announcement said that this a great step towards giving power back to the people of South Australia.

“When ETSA was privatised by the Liberals it reduced our ability to influence electricity prices,” Mr Piccolo said.

“The next step in Our Energy Plan is a great stride towards assisting household budgets, firstly for people living in social housing and then the wider community.

“Under this scheme, ordinary South Australians will benefit from reduced power prices, generate more renewable energy, help increase competition in the energy market, and increase the reliability of the grid.

“It really is about returning power to the people.

“More renewable energy ultimately means cheaper power for all South


“Importantly, householders will not have to pay any upfront costs to have the solar system and batteries installed, and will pay for the power they use at a discounted price.”

“All householders will benefit from the scheme as it generates more power, increases competition and puts downward pressure on energy prices,” he said.

The plan will begin with a trial of 1,100 Housing SA properties that will receive a 5kW solar panel system and 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 battery installed at no charge and financed through the sale of electricity to the grid.

The Virtual Power Plant will produce 250MW of power and is expected to lower energy bills for participated households by 30 per cent.

All South Australians will benefit from the increased generation of energy in the South Australian energy mix, with lower energy prices and increased energy stability.

Members of the public who wish to participate in the program can complete an online registration of interest at


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