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Residents Rally For Better Reserve and Public Spaces

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Nov 26, 2018
Residents Rally For Better Reserve and Public Spaces

Some of the residents at the rally. Mayor Redman on the far left and local MP Tony Piccolo in the centre.


Tony Piccolo addressing the residents.



About 60 residents living in the Aspire Development at Evanston South have, at a meeting held on an undeveloped reserve within the new estate this morning (Sunday 25th November), demanded a better deal from the Gawler Council regarding public spaces and reserves.

Residents are angry about what they perceive is Council’s plan to provide a lower standard of amenity in the new estate as they want to keep maintenance costs down to the lowest level possible.

The community forum was arranged by local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo in conjunction with a group of local residents who want council to take heed of their concerns about the future of their estate.

In addition to the 60 residents, Gawler Council Mayor Karen Redman, existing Cr Ian Tooley and new councillors Paul Little and Cody Davies also attended.

Shawn Bowden from the developer, Lanser Communities and Sam Dilena, Director of Infrastructure from Gawler Council addressed the residents and answered many questions.

Mr Piccolo said the residents have had no say in the development of the public spaces and reserves to date, and they are annoyed that they would be presented with a fait accompli.

“While Council has every right to keep a lid on maintenance costs it should not be at the expense of a lower standard public space and reserves,” said Mr Piccolo.

“Residents were concerned that Council has been following the wrong priorities and residents were then left with poorer public spaces and amenities.”

“At a time when we as a society are encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles, council is cutting back funding on creating spaces which are designed to encourage physical activity.”

Mr Piccolo said that the developers were keen to deliver the public spaces and reserves which had been approved in the master plan for the area, but protracted negotiations with the Gawler Council has meant very little has been delivered to date.

The meeting was told that discussions and negotiations between the developers and council for this particular reserve started in the middle of last year with no end in sight.

Mr Piccolo said Gawler Council has to improve its decision making processes if it wants quality development to take place.

“When residents are siding with the developer, then you know there is something significantly wrong in Council’s priorities, policies and decision making processes.

Residents at the meeting signed a petition calling on the Council to enter into prompt negotiations with the developers to approve the public space plans and consult with them along the way.

Mr Piccolo said that the petition would be lodged with council this week and another residents meeting will take place when both council and the developers have agreed to a draft plan for the reserve.

“The council members and staff present were left with no doubt about what residents expect from then and in what time frame.”


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