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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Feb 05, 2019


Local MP Tony Piccolo with local residents upset by Gawler Council’s parking restrictions proposal

Some Queen and Jerningham Street residents are seeing red over a Gawler Council proposal to paint solid yellow lines on Queen Street, which would outlaw parking in front of some of their homes.
While Gawler Council has sought feedback regarding the proposal, residents believe the short consultation period and its timing brings into question how genuine the process is.
Council has proposed changes to on-street parking because Queen Street is narrow and parking on both sides of the street can block cars from driving through, and in particular, emergency vehicles.
After receiving a lukewarm response from Council, residents approached local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, to help them with their cause to find a better solution. 
Mr Piccolo met with some residents on Queen Street on Thursday night, while the temperature was still in excess of 42°C - an indication of how hot under the collar some residents are with the proposal.
Mr Piccolo said the residents acknowledge that on-street car parking issues exist, but believe that better solutions could be found through collaboration with residents. 
“The residents believe that had Council engaged with them earlier, a whole range of possible options may have been considered that could deliver a better outcome for affected residents and road users,” Mr Piccolo said.
“Affected residents are unhappy that no consultation took place before the proposal was put to them in writing, but they are willing to engage with Council to identify a range of possible options to improve traffic flow on Queen Street.
“Residents are asking that Council take a holistic approach to the problem, rather than deciding on the quickest and cheapest option, which leaves residents carrying the burden of ongoing inconvenience.
“Residents would also like the opportunity to put their case direct to the Council or relevant committee, prior to a decision being made.” 
Mr Piccolo said since writing to the Council, the feedback period may have been extended to mid/late February and Council may meet with the residents on-site.
“While greater engagement by Council would be a welcome intervention, it is unfortunate that residents have to protest before Council listens,” Mr Piccolo said.


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