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Roundabout Road Block!

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  • By Tony Piccolo
  • Oct 09, 2018
Roundabout Road Block!

Local MP Tony Piccolo concerned the lack of a roundabout at the intersection of Coleman Parade and Potts Road will have a negative impact on residents in the area.


Ames Drive/Coleman Parade intersection.

Residents on Coleman Parade, Ames Drive and surrounding areas have been left and ‘high and dry’ by a Gawler East Link Road sweetheart deal between the Gawler Council and the Marshall Liberal Government, according to local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo.

Mr Piccolo said the Town of Gawler has prioritised its own agenda over the real needs of local residents, in its haste to be seen to achieve a ‘win’ with the new Marshall Liberal Government.

Mr Piccolo said that he had lobbied both the previous State Labor and current Liberal Government to have a roundabout installed at the intersection of Coleman Parade and Potts Road to ensure residents in the area can access Potts Road safely, when the Gawler East Link Road is built and opened.

“While the Council has been crowing about its win about a roundabout at the intersection of the new Link and Potts Roads, they have totally ignored the immediate needs of residents along Coleman Parade and adjoining areas.

“I am particularly concerned about the wellbeing of residents in the Vines Lifestyle Village who will find it difficult to access Potts Road during peak times.

“When I last heard from the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) they advised that Coleman Parade residents could access Main North Road and the Gawler Green Shopping Centre via Ames Drive.”

Mr Piccolo said he had informed DPTI that Ames Drive was a one way street at the Coleman Parade intersection.

“They are either planning to open up Ames Drive to two way traffic or have totally ignored the needs of people living in this area,” Mr Piccolo said.

Under the current plan, Evanston Park residents north of Potts Road will not be able to access Tulloch Road direct from Morrow Avenue.

“While I applaud the moves to keep additional traffic along Morrow Ave to a minimum, it is a backward step to not provide a safer intersection at Potts Road and Coleman Parade,” Mr Piccolo said.

“It is unfortunate that the needs of local residents come a distant second to Council’s political priorities.”

“At some point in time it would be great if the council’s priorities could reflect the people’s agenda, rather than their own.”  


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