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Saturday Morning Produce Market Gets Two Year Extension

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Jul 03, 2019
Saturday Morning Produce Market Gets Two Year Extension

Happy at the two year market lease extension are (from left) Stephen Frangos, Tony Piccolo MP and Andrew Frangos


The Gawler Produce Market operating from the Gawler Visitor Centre Carpark on Saturday mornings has been granted a two-year lease extension by the Gawler Council.


The decision has been welcomed by local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo who spoke in support of the lease extension at the council meeting last week
Mr Piccolo said the lease rental initially proposed by the Council was too high and could have killed off the market which plays an important role in the local community.


Mr Piccolo told the Council that the previous market, albeit still in the trial stage, paid no rent and closed in less than 18 months, which demonstrates the challenge of making the market work.


The current market is managed by the Frangos family from Virginia, who have tried to focus locally produced but affordable fresh fruit, vegetables and locally made produce.


Mr Piccolo advised the Council that the Frangos family are happy to pay a fair rent, as they understand the economic and political imperatives for council.


“They would respectfully submit, that the rent suggested in the recommendation, is based on bigger and more established markets,” Mr Piccolo said.


“This market is still in its infancy, and in the high-risk zone.


“To operate on a longer-term basis, it must be financially sustainable.


“If costs are too high, it could make the market unprofitable and thus financially unstainable.


Mr Piccolo said local produce markets are not only important to give growers and producers a better return and enable customers to buy direct, they also play an important social role in helping to build a sense of community.


One stall has also been reserved (at no charge) for local service clubs and community groups to provide catering, with all proceeds retained by the organisation.


While the market will remain under the same management, it will undergo a name change as a result of an objection lodged by a stall holder at the Angaston Farmers’ Market
Mr Piccolo told the Council the family will have to invest heavily in rebadging and rebranding, to ensure that the community do not believe a change of ownership or management of the market has taken place.


Market spokesperson, Mr Andrew Frangos, said they have been very happy with the response from the community, to the produce market.


“We now have a number of regular customers who like the produce available and the opportunity to meet and chat with neighbours and friends,” said Mr Frangos.


“We are pleased we have reached agreement with the Gawler Council for a two-year extension to our lease.


“We continue to strive to attract new local producers, so we can offer our customers a broader range of fresh and locally made produce.



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