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Students' Artwork Calls for a More Sustainable Future

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Jun 29, 2019
Students' Artwork Calls for a More Sustainable Future

Some of the Year 8 students who’s work appears in the exhibition

An exhibition showcasing the artwork of year 8 students at Xavier College has opened at the local LEO (Light Electorate Office) Gallery.


The exhibition, with the theme of “sustainable futures”, highlights the impact humanity is having on the natural environment and is a ‘call to arms’ to build more sustainable futures.


The exhibition includes sculptures, mixed media works and many waste products, to demonstrate how we live, impacts on our natural world.


Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo said the students have produced some very thoughtful and artistic pieces of work.


“The students work displays a great deal of maturity reflecting they are thinking deeply about the world we leave for future generations,” said Mr Piccolo.


The Arts Co-ordinator at Xavier College, Ms Andrea Duregon said the students spent four weeks learning about artists like Andy Goldsworthy and Marina DeBris who use nothing but the natural environment to create beautiful works.


“Marina DeBris combs the beaches looking for rubbish to turn into artworks,” said Ms Duregon.


The exhibition was officially opened by former local resident and junk artist Mr Garrie Atyeo who delights in recycling wire and scrap metal from cleared farmlands and recreates representational sculptures of the trees that once stood there.


“Our students, inspired by their learning have created these honest and thought provoking responses through their artwork and challenge us to help build sustainable futures, “said Ms Duregon.


This exhibition is open to the general public and will run to 5 pm Friday 19th July and it can be viewed Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm or at other times by prior arrangements.


Mr Piccolo said the purpose of the LEO Gallery is to give young people in the community an opportunity to exhibit their art works to the general community,” Mr Piccolo said.


“Often student artworks are not seen beyond the school gate, and the LEO gallery will hopefully change that.”


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