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Local Native Foods Small Business Set To Expand

Co-Owner Nadia Matko; Stretton Centre Director, Dermot Cussen; Co-Owner Paul Keilly; Minister Kyam Maher and Local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo

Local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo; Minister Kyam Maher, Co-Owners Nadia Matko and Paul Keilly; and Stretton Centre Director, Dermot Cussen


Report Recommends A Fairer Deal For Primary Producers

Member for Light, Tony Piccolo MP discussing the evidence Greenock Dairy Farmer Ms Lisa Werner, General Manager of Jersey Fresh, presented to the Inquiry.


Mo-tivated Mo-wers' Mo-Day

Cibo Gawler has joined forces with local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo to host a MoDay for MoWers on Sunday 26th November at its store on Murray Street, Gawler.

Baker Boys Do Waste Recovery Well In Willaston

This morning Environment Minister Ian Hunter officially opened South Australia’s newest resource recovery facility, Eco Waste Solutions in Willaston.  

Join Your Local Mo-Member of Parliament

The Mo-Member for Light Tony Piccolo has put out the welcome mat for all to join his “Movember” team to raise money to improve Men’s Health initiatives.


Brendan’s and Gusto’s Barber Shops are joining Tony to promote “Movember”


Local Traders Back Call To Upgrade Tulloch Intersection

Local traders and employees at the Gawler Green Shopping Centre have backed calls to have the Main North/Tulloch Roads intersection upgraded with either a roundabout or traffic lights

Local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo recently meet with a group of traders from the Shopping Centre who have joined with him in calling for the Tulloch Road intersection to be upgraded and they have urged all their customers to sign the online petition.

Mr Piccolo’s online petition, calling on the State Government to fund an upgrade of the intersection at Tulloch Road and Main North Road, has been seen by more than 40,0000 people and can be signed at

Mr Piccolo said that at the recent visit to the Gawler Green Shopping Centre, many of the shop owners and employees expressed their frustration at the current state of the intersection.

“Many believed that they would see an increase in patronage if the intersection was improved,” Mr Piccolo said.

“People may be choosing to shop in other locations due to the difficultly in leaving the precinct.

“I have also been door knocking in Evanston Park, Evanston and Evanston South talking to people about the intersection,” he said.

Mr Piccolo recently wrote to both the Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis and Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan in response to the petition and other action undertaken by the community.

“I outlined to the Treasurer and Minister that the intersection was a major issue for the people living in electorate,” Mr Piccolo said.

“I requested that as the Treasurer prepares for the mid-year budget review he considers funding a roundabout or traffic lights at the intersection.

“I, like most members of our community, just want this intersection fixed,” he said.


Workshop To Showcase Ways To Slash Power Bills

Planet Ark and Do Something founder Jon Dee will be giving a talk in Gawler to help local households and businesses reduce the cost of their power bills.

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo said that in the absence of a coherent energy policy at the federal level to reduce energy prices, we need to discuss what steps we can take now to help reduce our energy costs.

“When I heard that Jon Dee would be providing the EnergySmart workshops I approached the then Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, Chris Picton and requested a workshop be held in Gawler,” Mr Piccolo said.

“Jon literally wrote the book on how households and businesses can take simple steps to save significant dollars on power bills,” he said.

The workshop will cover topics such as negotiating a better energy deal, cutting the cost of lighting, heating, cooling and hot water, and saving money with insulation and solar.

Jon Dee states that there is huge potential for South Australians to reduce their energy bills with energy efficiency measures having already saved Australians billions of dollars and it has the potential to save billions more.

Jon Dee is spearheading EnergySmart South Australia, which will feature a series of 15 workshops across the State, including one to be held at Café Nova on Monday, 16 October. Those attending the workshop will receive a copy of the EnergySmart South Australia booklet with tips on reducing energy costs.

“It’s estimated that the phase out of incandescent light bulbs has saved Australian households an estimated $5.5 billion and last year alone, The Energy Rating Label scheme was responsible for saving the Australian economy around $1.2 billion,” Mr Dee said.

“Switching energy retailers is not the only way to save money on our energy bills. Changing the thermostat by just one degree can reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 10 per cent. Insulation and draught-proofing can reduce winter heating costs by up to 70 per cent.

“And switching off our appliances at the wall can save the average household up to $250 a year. These are just some of the many things that I’ll be talking about with South Australians in a push to reduce their energy bills,” he said.

Seats to this event are limited and people interested in attending should register at or by calling 8522 2878.





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