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Train Users Sold Out in Marshall Liberal Rail Privitisation

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Jul 02, 2019
Train Users Sold Out in Marshall Liberal Rail Privitisation

Local residents demonstrate their opposition to the privatisation of our rail services


Local opposition is growing to the Marshall Liberal Government’s plans to privatise Adelaide Metro train services.


Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, said that local train users are opposed to the privatisation because it will likely lead to fare increases and a cut in services.


“Overseas privatisations have clearly demonstrated a reduction in train services and increases in fare prices,” Mr Piccolo said, “because private operators are more focussed on making profits than serving the needs of the local community.”


Mr Piccolo also argues that the Marshall Liberal Government’s false claims that Adelaide Metro patronage is falling, have been exposed as a thinly-veiled attempt to smear public transport operations and soften the public for service cuts, fare increases and privatisation.


“The government’s own budget papers forecast an increase in train and tram patronage to 76.4 million individual journeys in 2018-19, up from just 58.7 million back in 2001-02,” Mr Piccolo said.


“Let us be clear, the objective of the Marshall Liberal Government is to fill the black hole caused by their poor economic management. This is NOT about improving train services.”


Mr Piccolo warns that commuters will be the losers if the Marshall Liberal Government’s war on public transport continues.


“The State Government has recently increased train fares for 2 section rides and last week announced the removal of guards from train services,” Mr Piccolo explained.


“The cuts in services and safety, as well as fare increases have already started as the Marshal Liberal Government fattens the revenue of Adelaide Metro train services, ready for it to be sacrificed on the altar of privatisation.”


Mr Piccolo said cuts in services and fare increases are just the start, and warned that if the privatisation goes ahead, passenger safety will be further compromised, and fare increases will particularly hurt low income earners.


“The interests of local train users will be sold out for those of the private market,” Mr Piccolo explained.


“The Marshall Liberal Government is determined to derail our public transport system.


“Having a safe, reliable and affordable train service is critical to people living throughout the Light Electorate.


“Rather than dismantling our train services, the Marshall Liberal Government should be encouraging greater use, by developing more carparks at train stations and improving their amenity.”




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