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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Jun 30, 2020


Light Community Recovery Committee Meeting via Zoom

Heightened uncertainty about the future could hamper the community recover from the COVID-19 crisis a local forum has heard.

At its first meeting held on Saturday, via Zoom, members of the Light Electorate Community Recovery Committee (CRC) heard that uncertainty about job security is generating a great deal of anxiety in the community, sapping confidence and hampering business investment.

The CRC was established by local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo, to assist local businesses and community organisations lift themselves out of the crisis and thrive.

Mr Piccolo said that job losses caused by COVID-19 had led to a spike in demand for counselling services and had a negative effect on children from families where parents were no longer working.

“Despite the government programs to assist people through this crisis some families are stilling doing it quite tough and placing a great deal of stress on family relationships.”

“Local employers are cautious about taking on new employees given the economic uncertainty.”

“Finding new positions is going to be challenging,” warned Mr Piccolo.

The CRC heard that the general spike in community anxiety and genuine fear is increasing individual stress and has led to many more GP appointments for stress related issues.

Local school leaders said VET students who cannot undertake work placements are feeling anxious about the future.

“Students considering university and future study are concerned that places will not exist for them as universities and colleges struggle,” said Mr Piccolo.

Local community organisations have felt the pinch, as they have had their ability to raise funds significantly restricted.

“With local community organisation not meeting, social isolation is creating significant mental health impacts across the community.

Sport representatives said shutting down of sport has had a big social impact with isolation and disconnection making it difficult to re-engage with the essential volunteers needed to make sporting events work and operate clubs.

“Rebuilding confidence with volunteers will be a big challenge,” added Mr Piccolo.

On a more positive note the committee heard that it is worth exploring local industry opportunities such as food production and ways to support local supply chains.

Mr Piccolo said the challenge for governments at all levels is the the need to shift community mindset to a positive perspective.

At its next meeting the CRC will discuss local opportunities to demonstrate positive ways community can recover from the crisis.

“We plan to identify other business and community leaders or sector experts who will provide insights into what a post-COVID-19 community could look like and what can be done to assist the community to rise from the ashes of the COVID-19 crisis.

“We will also identify resources that may be needed to help the community to recovery and advocate to government for financial support where required.

The CRC comprises people from local business organisations, schools, community organisations, faith communities, sporting organisations, medical practitioners, local government with specialist advice from some members from the Committee for Adelaide.


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