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Youth to YAP with Local MP

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  • By Light Electoral Office
  • Aug 13, 2019
Youth to YAP with Local MP

Local MP Tony Piccolo discussing the proposed YAP with the two participants from St Patrick’s Technical College – from left College Captain Scott Larsen (former Xavier College Student) and Vice-Captain Corey Lloyd, (former Trinity College Gawler River Student)

To mark International Youth Day (Monday, 12 August), local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, announced the establishment of a Youth Advisory Panel (YAP).


Mr Piccolo said the YAP will be created to provide young people with opportunities to speak directly and regularly with him about issues they care about.


“I want to hear from young people about their views on a range of issues, not just youth matters,” Mr Piccolo said.


“The panel will provide a forum for young people in our community to speak their minds and this will assist me to become a better local representative.


“It is important, in our democracy, that we give young people a voice in the political process, to ensure our decisions more accurately reflect community sentiment.”


Mr Piccolo is exploring opportunities for YAP members to gain academic recognition for the skills they develop from their involvement in the program.


All secondary schools in the Light Electorate, as well as those with a significant number of students living in the electorate, have all been invited to nominate two students to be part of the program.


“The response to date has been outstanding, with some colleges already nominating their representatives,” Mr Piccolo said.


“Two young people - who currently do not attend local secondary schools - will also be invited to join the YAP.


“I have chosen to do this because I believe it’s important for the YAP to reflect the diversity of views and backgrounds of the young people in our community.”


It is planned that the YAP will meet formally about four times a year and communicate through social media at other times.


The YAP will be holding its first meeting in mid-September.



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