We've taken the time to gather some frequently used websites

You'll find local councils, justices of the peace and links to the Australian Parliament. If you think we've missed something, let our friendly staff know at the Light Electorate Office.

Local Councils

Town of Gawler - http://www.gawler.sa.gov.au/

City of Playford - http://www.playford.sa.gov.au/

Light Regional Council - http://www.light.sa.gov.au/

The Barossa Council - http://www.barossa.sa.gov.au/


Justices of the Peace

Justice of the Peace Services (JP's) are available at the Light Electoral Office between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

If you do have any enquires please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alternatly, you can search the Justice of the Peace Roll - http://jp.agd.sa.gov.au/JPPublicWeb/

Parliaments of Australia

For information about the Parliaments of Australia, please see the official Parliament of Australia page.

Users of the website will be able to access information about Australian Federal Parliament, Senators and Members, Hansards, Bills and Committees.

Access to Parliamentary information including Hansards and Bills is possible by searching directly through the website.


State Parliaments and Legislative Assemblies

Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory

From this site, you can access a range of information about the Legislative Assembly - its history; information on how it operates; details of its Members; information on business before the Assembly and records of proceedings; and a range of information on Assembly committees.



Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory

The Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory web site gives access to information on the Assembly and its Members, The Ministry and the Shadow Ministry. There are also links to Committees, Publications and information for schools.



Parliament of New South Wales

This site gives access to information on the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, Members of Parliament, Ministers and Shadow Ministers, Parliamentary Committees and Bills. There are also information resources for researchers, schools and the media as well as Hansard and House and tabled papers.



Parliament of South Australia

At this site you will learn about the processes of the South Australian Parliament, discover its history and access its information, including Hansard and South Australian legislation, and find contact details for its Members.



Parliament of Tasmania

At this site you will learn about the Parliament of Tasmania, its Committees and the Parliament building. It provides access information including Hansard, Bills, the sitting schedule and contact details for its Members.



Parliament of Victoria

The Parliament of Victoria site describes the functions of the Victorian Parliament and provides an overview of its operations. It gives details about the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, the members, committees and associated documents. It lists current bills and their status, provides search access to Hansard and the Parliamentary Handbook, features a virtual tour of parliamentary buildings, and has comprehensive educative materials.



Parliament of Western Australian

This site describes how the Parliament works. It gives details about the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council, the Members and the Committees. It provides access to bills, Hansard and legislation. The site features a virtual tour and has educational material.



Queensland Parliament

This site gives access to the Legislative Assembly, its Members and current Legislation before the Parliament. There is access to the Committees and publications of the parliament. It has information for visitors and schools and has historical information on the Parliament.


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