Parliamentary Committees are just one way Tony is making your voice heard

Tony currently sits on several Parliamentary committees which are examining issues he feels strongly about, and in the past he has presided over similar committees. See below for the committees Tony has been participating in.

Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committees of the House of Assembly - Parliament of South Australia


Chair - Ministerial Advisory Group on Volunteering

Volunteering in South Australia is critically important to all of us. It provides services to communities, builds social capital, offers opportunities aligned to career and education, supports a healthier lifestyle and contributes approximately $5 billion to the States economy. The Ministerial Advisory Group on Volunteering (formerly known as the Volunteer Ministerial Advisory Group) assists in the development of a positive and active policy agenda for community participation and volunteering and for providing advice to the South Australian Government. This Advisory Group is an integral part of the Advancing the Community Together Partnership which is an agreement between the State Government and volunteer community that aims to establish a collaborative approach to advance volunteerism in South Australia.


Deputy Chair - Department of Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) Business Development Council.

DMITRE's vision is for a globally competetive, prosperous and sustainable South Australia.

To realise this vision, the department is working towards a series of Strategic Objectives which are to:

  • Leverage the value from our major projects for all South Australians 
  • Attract and faciltate tageted business and infrastructure investment 
  • Enable accessible and sustainable energy and resources 
  • Drive the trasition to high-value innovative manufacturing 
  • Deliver and advocate trusted regulation and targeted programs


Chairman - Select Committee on Sustainable Farming Practices

The Select Committee on Sustainable Farming Practices was appointed on 4 April 2012 to investigate and report on land arrangements for primary production (agriculture, viticulture and horticulture), mineral resources and regional development focussing on planning for farming sustainability and improving farming practices that promote the sustainable use of our State's natural resources, a clean, green food supply for South Australia and report on advantages that this promotion may bring to the South Australian economy. The committee is comprised of six MPs: Chairman Tony Piccolo MP (Lab), Dr Susan Close MP (Lab), Steven Griffiths MP (Lib), Adrian Pederick (Lib), Ivan Venning MP (Lib) and Leesa Vlahos MP (Lab). The committee is currently holding public hearings across the state. For more information, contact the Light Electorate Office on 8522 2878, secretary Lauren Tester on 8237 9220 or visit the committee's website.


Select Committee on the Grain Handling Industry

The Select Committee on the Grain Handling Industry was appointed on 9 March 2011 to investigate the grain handling industry, and in particular:

  • the capacity of the market to the capacity of the market to ensure a vigorous and competitive marketplace for grain growers; 
  • grain classification and standards, and whether internationally approved grain testing options should be available to growers on request; 
  • service delivery, including human resources, operating hours and storage capacity of grain handling points; 
  • export and shipping arrangements, including port access and associated costs; 
  • grain quality management, including receiving and outturn; 
  • open and transparent information on all grains, including stock disclosures; 
  • adequacy of road and transport infrastructure for the grain industry; and 
  • any other related matter.

The committee is comprised of five MPs: Chairman Geoff Brock MP (Ind), Leon Bignell MP (Lab) Adrian Pederick MP (Lib), Tony Piccolo MP (Lab) and Tim Whetstone MP (Lib).

The committee reported back on 19 September 2012. The final report and all supporting documentation are available on the committee's website.

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