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Preventing Veteran Suicides - Why The Royal Commission is Important

(Extract from Hansard)  

Wellbeing Network Proposed For Local Men And Boys

Some of the men that attended the BBQ Breakfast hosted by Willo’s Men’s Shed during IMHW.


Mo-tivated Mo-wers' Mo-Day

Cibo Gawler has joined forces with local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo to host a MoDay for MoWers on Sunday 26th November at its store on Murray Street, Gawler.

Join Your Local Mo-Member of Parliament

The Mo-Member for Light Tony Piccolo has put out the welcome mat for all to join his “Movember” team to raise money to improve Men’s Health initiatives.


Brendan’s and Gusto’s Barber Shops are joining Tony to promote “Movember”


Men's Essentials Delivery

The “Socks, Jocks & More” program has already been an outstanding success due to the generosity of local people from across the region.

Last week a big box full of men’s dignity items was delivered to Gawler UCare who act as the distribution point for the program.

Local Member of Parliament, Tony Piccolo launched the ‘Socks, Jocks and More’ program during Men’s Health Week at an event hosted by the Northern Men’s Wellbeing Network at the Playford Uniting Church in Munno Para.

The project is designed to provide local homeless men and boys with basic ‘dignity items’.

Mr Piccolo stated that he developed the idea from the successful ‘Essentials for Women’ project, which his Electorate office supports.

“The Essentials for Women project has enabled the community to support women who are homeless or are unable to purchase basic items due to their circumstances,” Mr Piccolo said.

“Every human being, irrespective of who they are, should have access to basic items to assist with personal health and wellbeing.”

“It is sad that we have men and boys in our communities who, for whatever reason, end up homeless and often unable to access basic items like clean socks and jocks, toothpaste, soap and the like.”

“Since the Socks, Jocks and More program was launched, my office has been inundated with donations from generous locals.”

“I was pleased to deliver the first box goods to UCare on Thursday, 29 June, less than two weeks after the launch of the program.”

“UCARE Gawler have kindly agreed to be a distribution point for the items.”

“Churches and other community organisations have also become collection and distribution points as the project develops,” he said.

Donations for both the ‘Socks, Jocks and More’ and ‘Essentials for Women’ programs are accepted at Mr Piccolo’s Electorate Office all year round.


Support The Cause Says The Mo-Member For Light

The Light Electorate Office has joined forces with the Barossa Herald to help promote Movember and raise valuable funds to help the cause of improving men’s health.

The Mo-member for Light Tony Piccolo said that the current state of men's health isn't acceptable.

“Too many men are dying too young from illnesses that can treated if identified early,” Mr Piccolo said.

“We need people in the community to talk about men’s health, take action and raise funds, or else nothing will change.

“We need to remember men are sons, fathers, husbands and brothers.”

“By improving the health of men we are supporting families and the community.”

Men experience poorer longer-term health than women and on average die six years earlier.

Prostate cancer rates will double in the next 15 years. Testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50 years.

Three quarters of suicides are men.

“It is frightening to know that over 2,500 men take their own life every year in Australia.”

“This is five or six men every day. We can’t afford to stay silent.”

Mr Piccolo said it's not too late to join the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas around Australia to raise funds for men's health.

“There are many more ways than ever to get involved in Movember 2016.”

More information can be found at


Happy Father's Day - Sadly Not For All Says Local MP

This Sunday many families will be celebrating Father’s Day, with the opening of gifts, family barbeques and outings.  

Healthy Men, Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

An open day and BBQ at Willo’s Men’s Shed at Willaston will be the centrepiece of the 2016 Men’s Health Week events in Gawler.




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