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Parliamentary speeches are another way Tony is making your voice heard.

Parliamentary Speeches

Since being elected to office in 2006, Tony has been busy representing the people of Light in Parliament. See below to download a few choice speeches.

National Disability Insurance Scheme
June 15, 2022
The Hon. A. PICCOLO (Light) (15:33): Today, I would like to talk about some of the services which I think are important for governments to deliver and some of the reforms which have taken place over the last few years. I also want to highlight an area of reform which I believe is necessary if older people are to live dignified lives
South Australian Motor Sport
June 14, 2022
The Hon. A. PICCOLO (Light) (16:01): I would like to speak briefly in support of the bill to re-create the Motorsport Board. While this bill is dedicated to creating the Motorsport Board, which will oversee the Adelaide 500 plus other motorsport events, the focus—in terms of community focus—is on the Adelaide 500. When the previous government announced that it was cancelling the event, I must confess I was quite surprised at the reaction of the community. It was quick, it was strong and it was quite negative towards the government of the day.
Address In Reply
May 31, 2022
House of Assembly Tony Piccolo MP Extract from Hansard Address in Reply Tuesday 31 May 2022