Light Electorate Office
148 Murray Street
GAWLER  SA  5118

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 5:00pm



If you live in the Light Electorate, Tony represents your views and opinions, standing up for you and our community.

How to become a Volunteer with the Light Electorate Office

Volunteers give up their time freely and they expect no financial gain. Without the work of volunteers our communities would be a lot poorer.

There is not an area of our community that is not touched by the hand of volunteers, whether it is aged care, disability support, emergency services, the arts, education, sport, environment, health, tourism, and general community wellbeing.

They fill the gaps in our communities where both governments and free market enterprise do not deliver. That is important because there are a lot of people whose lives would be worse off without the input of volunteers.  

Please complete the form below or contact us if you would like to learn more about local volunteering opportunities.

“The commitment of volunteers enriches our communities … Tony continuously works alongside volunteer groups to build stronger communities.”
Cheryl McKibbin
Former Gawler Park Run Event Director, Hewett

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