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Parliamentary speeches are another way Tony is making your voice heard.

Parliamentary Speeches

Since being elected to office in 2006, Tony has been busy representing the people of Light in Parliament. See below to download a few choice speeches.

Burial and Cremation (Interment Rights) Amendment Bill
February 8, 2023
I rise to speak in support of this amendment bill, the Burial and Cremation (Interment Rights) Amendment Bill. One of the things people get really emotional about is burial places. It is obviously a time of grief when people bury members of their family or friends. While that grief goes away, the connection to that place and also to that person is very important, so when those places are in some way interfered with, it does generate a lot of emotion and grief again. That is right across many cultures and people with different faiths, and people with no faith. People do see places where people are buried or interred as places of sanctity; in other words, they are places that need to be held in a great deal of respect.
We're dropping the electric vehicle levy
November 1, 2022
I rise in support of this bill. Back in November 2021, the then Liberal state government passed its Motor Vehicles (Electric Vehicle Levy) Amendment Bill. That act introduced a levy on electric vehicles and a requirement for the Legislative Council to appoint a select committee into electric vehicles. The levy was based on a distance-based charge for electric vehicles as an addition for the registration of an electric vehicle. The levy also was to commence on or earlier than 1 July 2027, or when electric vehicle sales reached 30 per cent of the total new motor vehicle sales in South Australia.