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Parliamentary speeches are another way Tony is making your voice heard.

Parliamentary Speeches

Since being elected to office in 2006, Tony has been busy representing the people of Light in Parliament. See below to download a few choice speeches.

Look Before You Cross
October 20, 2022
I would like to speak on this bill and in support of the bill and reaffirm this government's strong commitment to public transport, and particularly rail transport. Members may recall that we electrified the southern line when we were last in government. We initiated the electrification of the northern line to Gawler when we were in government. I was going to say that it was completed by the Liberal government but it actually was not. It was completed during the period of a Labor government again, because the Liberal government took so long to get their act together. I think it was delayed about 18 months and was over budget by hundreds of millions of dollars—but they did a pretty good job.
Community Consultation
September 28, 2022
The Hon. A. PICCOLO (Light) (15:53): Today, I would like to touch upon an important issue in our communities, which is community consultation and the way governments go about community consultation, and not only governments but institutions as well. I think it is the difference between what is right and just doing things right. One is doing the right things—in other words, making sure we do the right things to engage—and the other is where you tick a box and just meet the requirements.
Private Parking Areas (Shopping Centre Parking Areas) Amendment Bill
September 27, 2022
The Hon. A. PICCOLO (Light) (16:44): I rise to speak in support of this bill. I will not repeat the excellent arguments for the bill which have been put by not only the minister in his opening speech but also the members for Newland, Wright, Playford, King and other speakers who have spoken to this bill already.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
September 20, 2022
The Hon. A. PICCOLO (Light) (15:00): Today, I wish to speak to this motion on behalf of the people of the electorate of Light, as the local member, and also in my role as the duty member for Schubert. The local community was shocked and saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Friday 9 September, using various social media platforms to express their grief and sense of loss. After all, Her Majesty had only commissioned a new Prime Minister for the UK two days earlier.
Regional South Australia - Labor vs Liberal Record On Improving Our Regions
September 7, 2022
The Hon. A. PICCOLO (Light) (12:23): I rise to speak against this motion, and I will explain why. It is not that I do not acknowledge—and I will acknowledge first-up—the importance of the regions to the state's economy and to society generally. I do acknowledge that. The reason I speak against the motion is that the motion implies that the Marshall Liberal government was the first one to find the regions and to notice that the regions were there and do something for them. That is just not true. The regions were supported by the previous Labor government in a whole range of ways. In fact, a number of the projects for which the Liberal Party did the ribbon cutting were previously funded by the Labor government, and I will go into some of those details.