Local artists and art groups have a backed a proposal to hold a locally based “Arts on the Plains” event as part of the state-wide SALA Festival held every August.

At a community forum convened by local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, held on Sunday (yesterday) artists and art groups gave their support for the proposed event as a way of lifting the profile of the arts sector in Gawler and surrounding districts.

The meeting was attended by a number of local artists and representatives from various local art groups, including representatives from the Town of Gawler.

Mr Piccolo said “Arts on the Plains” will be a multi-site, multi-artist, multi-event, multi genre/medium inclusive program designed to reflect the diversity of our local community.

“The event is timed to allow local artists and art groups the ability to leverage off the SALA promotion and brand,” said Mr Piccolo.

“We are keen to hear from artists who are involved in indigenous art and those from new and emerging communities.”

“Artists or art groups who would like to participate in the festival are asked to complete an Expression of Interest that can be obtained from my electorate office.”

Mr Piccolo said the event could attract visitors and tourists to the town and provide local businesses with a financial boost.

“Local businesses who are keen to host an art event on their premises should contact the Gawler Business Development Group or my electorate office and register their interest,” said Mr Piccolo.

“We will try to match up the right art event with the right business venue”

“Event venues are not restricted to businesses but could include churches, community halls, and outdoor venues.”

“Art events are a good way of attracting people t their venues.”

“To maximise the impact of the event, activities can be held for any length of time during August but must be held during a “common weekend” when most if not all, events are held.”

A meeting to finalise the proposal will be held at 11:30 am on Sunday 5th March 2023 at Café Nova, 19 Murray Street, Gawler.

Any artist or art group interested in being part of the event, are requested to contact Mr Piccolo’s office who will provide an expression of interest.