With the ballot for local council elections now open, local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo is asking voters to give the young candidates running for election a second look before discarding them for their youth.

Over the weekend Mr Piccolo repeated the concerns he expressed at the campaign launch for Isaac Solomon a few months ago, where said that young people are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t”.

“We have two local young adults who have thrown their hat in the ring, and I believe they are worthy of community support”, said Mr Piccolo.

“Like all decision-making bodies having diverse opinions, enriches the standard of discussion and improves the quality of decisions reached, so we need people from diverse backgrounds for that to happen.”

Mr Piccolo said that he knew both candidates, the other being Ethan White, and knows their motivations and values. In his opinion, they reflect those held by the Gawler community.

“Isaac places a huge emphasis on the importance of community, fair and reasonable access to essential services, and looking after the most vulnerable in our society,” said Mr Piccolo.

Mr Piccolo said Councils need to listen, genuinely engage with their communities and work alongside them.

“Council needs to encourage constructive dialogue with the entirety of their communities and not be afraid of them,” said Mr Piccolo.

“Isaac is highly motivated, has held a number of leadership positions and demonstrated that he has an understanding of the aspirations of this community.”

“If elected, he will be a strong asset to the Council and the community at large.”

“Anything these young prospective councillors don’t know they will learn, as they are prepared to listen with open hearts and minds, which will help them make good decisions.”

Mr Piccolo reflected on his own journey in public life where he was first elected in 1981 to the (then) District Council of Munno Para at the age of 21.

“These young adults are streets ahead of me,” mused Mr Piccolo.

“Judge the young candidates by what they have done, and not what they haven’t,” said Mr Piccolo.